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The sequel to RevQuest: Sign of the Rhinoceros is coming! Beginning June 18 and running all summer, RevQuest: The Lion and the Unicorn will take you even deeper into a world of intrigue and espionage. Receive your spy name and briefing here, and begin your Quest online. Then, pick up your top secret Set of Orders at the Colonial Williamsburg Regional Visitor Center and the game is afoot!

RevQuest: The Lion and the Unicorn is free with paid Colonial Williamsburg admission.


We need your help to save the cause of American Liberty by protecting the identity of a crucial patriot spy on the eve of the Battle of Yorktown.


Only you can save the Revolution. Throughout your mission you will break codes, avoid detection as you navigate through The Revolutionary City, and uncover the mystery of the Greyhound.


Agents staying as guests of the Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel & Suites will receive important information for their mission upon check in.

Every spy needs a secret name to help protect their real identity. Reveal your RevQuest: The Lion and the Unicorn spy name, share it with your friends, and bring it with you when you meet with Agent 368 to start your quest.

First name:
Last name:
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Agents, upon arrival, make sure to pick up your Colonial Williamsburg admission tickets and top secret Set of Orders which includes your bandana and other pertinent information for your quest. Then, remember to pack the following for your adventure:

Acquire a copy of “Colonial Williamsburg This Week” or use our interactive map, Colonial Williamsburg’s Explorer.

As an agent, you will be required to walk in search of clues. Comfortable shoes will make your mission much more enjoyable.

You’ll need to stay in touch with Agent 368 during your mission. A cell phone with texting is necessary to submit your answers and receive updates.

The Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel & Suites is your official RevQuest headquarters.

Inside your Set of Orders you will find all of the information you need to start deciphering clues. Your bandana will identify you as a Friend of Liberty.

Colonial Williamsburg Admission is required to embark on your Quest. If you are a guest of an official Colonial Williamsburg Hotel, you can purchase admission at a discounted rate!


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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Spy Ring!

You will begin receiving RevQuest: The Lion and the Unicorn materials at the supplied email address soon. Make sure to keep an eye on this page, Facebook, and Twitter for updates all summer long!

Privacy Policy

Get started on your RevQuest: The Lion and the Unicorn mission online! Click here to begin your research, start collecting clues, and learn the tricks of the spy trade in The Revolutionary City.