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RevQuest: Save the Revolution

RevQuest: Save the Revolution!

Answer Your Higher Calling

See the Revolutionary City through the eyes of an undercover agent. Side streets are now secret meeting spots, shop signs reveal hidden messages, and people aren’t always who they seem. Using your top-secret orders and your cell phone, move through the city to find and solve clues. Text in your answer, and you’re one step closer to solving the mystery. Best of all, it’s included in your Colonial Williamsburg admission.

New Episode Coming in 2015:

It is the sixth year of America’s War of Independence. As the British Army turns its full attention to the reconquest of Virginia, Governor Jefferson must scramble to craft a strategy for the state’s defense. Can his spy network baffle the Enemy’s plans? Or is it checkmate for the Revolution?

Past Episodes

  • RevQuest: The Old Enemy

    RevQuest: The Old Enemy

    Spring 2014 through Fall 2014
    This past year more than 38,000 questors joined Congress’s Committee of Secret Correspondence. By balancing spycraft with careful diplomacy, questors won a vital ally for America in the fight against Britain. Maybe the old saying that “the enemy of our enemy is our friend” really does hold true.

  • RevQuest: The Black Chambers

    RevQuest: The Black Chambers

    Summer 2013 & Fall 2013
    Over 27,000 Questors helped the Screenmaster save the fate of the Revolutionary City. What would you do when you aren’t sure who around you is a spy? Who can you trust? Every choice matters, and one wrong decision seals your fate.

  • RevQuest: The Lion and the Unicorn

    RevQuest: The Lion and the Unicorn

    Summer 2012 & Spring 2013
    Our Friends of Liberty have done it again! By breaking codes, solving clues, and avoiding detection throughout the Revolutionary City the mystery of the Greyhound was uncovered and the cause of American liberty saved.

  • RevQuest: Sign of the Rhinoceros

    RevQuest: Sign of the Rhinoceros

    Summer 2011 & Spring 2012
    In the first year, more than 19,000 Friends of Liberty joined our forces. After learning of a treacherous plot against one of our leaders, patriot spies deciphered clues throughout the Revolutionary City and helped solve the mystery. The plan was foiled and our leader was saved!