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RevQuest: Save the Revolution

RevQuest: Save the Revolution!

RevQuest The Kings Advance

Answer Your Higher Calling

See the Revolutionary City through the eyes of an undercover agent. Side streets are now secret meeting spots, shop signs reveal hidden messages, and people aren’t always who they seem. Using your top-secret orders and your cell phone, move through the city to find and solve clues. Text in your answer, and you’re one step closer to solving the mystery. Best of all, it’s included in your Colonial Williamsburg admission.

RevQuest: The King’s Advance

New for 2015: Virginia, and the new country, are at grave risk in this sixth year of the War for Independence. As the British Army bears down on Virginia, Governor Jefferson must craft a strategy for defense. Will Jefferson’s network of secret agents help him gain the advantage to thwart Britain’s attack? Or is it checkmate for the Revolution?

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