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Veterans Day Weekend

Honoring Service to America—November 8–11, 2014

Join us as we honor America’s veterans in a celebration of their patriotism and willingness to sacrifice and serve our country. Immerse yourself in an 18th-century battle, take part in a military march, or witness armorers hard at work on this special weekend of remembrance.

Veteran's Day Military March
Veterans Day: A Military March Honoring America’s Veterans

Join us on Veterans Day as we honor those who serve in the military. An afternoon march and ceremony honoring America’s veterans highlights the day.

Geddy Gunsmith Shop
Gunsmith & Foundry

Discover a family at work in the yard behind the Geddy House. Gunsmiths make reproductions of civilian firearms, and founders cast household wares in brass, bronze, pewter, and silver.

Colonial Williamsburg Enhance Your Stay
Carriage Rides

The Magazine

See authentic firearms and military equipment, and listen as armorers and guards tell the story of British and American military forces in Virginia.

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Courage or Cowardice Trial

A Virginia officer took his men and abandoned his post in the face of a British attack, leaving the town of Portsmouth and the surrounding area defenseless. Hear the evidence, question the witnesses, and cast your vote.

General Reviews the Troops

The Allied American Army has been gathering in Williamsburg, and the troops are eager to engage the British.

Iroquois, Observing the Siege

Visit with Generals Lafayette and Washington as they prepare for the siege of Yorktown and confer with their recently arrived Indian allies.