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Spa of Colonial Williamsburg
Spa of Colonial Williamsburg
307 South England Street
Williamsburg, VA 23185
(757) 220-7720 | 1-800-688-6479

Massages & Baths

Gaining popularity in the 1900s and remaining the most popular spa service, massages are known to reduce stress, enhance circulation, and improve recovery time from muscle aches and pains.

Add a bath to any massage for a perfect way to relax.

Customize your one-and-one-half-hour massage:

Shea Butter to nourish dry and dull skin
Reflexology to influence overall well-being
Stress relief to address corporate stress and tension
Stretching to improve muscle flexibility

Williamsburg Massage

CLASSIC—Select from one of our personalized blends of aromatic oils used in this popular Swedish massage to relax, nourish, and balance the body. Light to medium pressure

$110 / 60 mins. $165 / 90 mins.

Massage Sampler

PREMIER—Enjoy a sampling of different massage modalities and experiences—a combination of aromatherapy, sports, Swedish, reflexology, and hot stones—and determine which is your favorite. Pressure personalized for each guest

$120 / 60 mins.* $180 / 90 mins.*

Sports Massage

CLASSIC—This therapeutic massage targets muscles stressed in any sport. Designed to restore your body to peak performance capabilities, it incorporates assisted stretching to relax the muscles and improve range of motion. Medium pressure

$110 / 60 mins. $165 / 90 mins.

Arnica Muscle Repair Massage

PREMIER—This deep-tissue massage incorporates the antiinflammatory properties of an arnica based massage oil to ease muscle pain and joint stiffness. Perfect for strained and overused muscles. Pressure personalized for each guest

$120 / 60 mins. $180 / 90 mins.

Pregnancy Massage

CLASSIC—This is a nurturing and relaxing light massage for any mother-to-be. Special attention is given to the comfort of mother and baby. Light pressure

$110 / 60 mins.†

Hot Stone Massage

PREMIER—This deeply soothing massage, using warm river stones, relaxes tight muscles and is helpful in reducing muscle knots and tightness. Pressure personalized for each guest

$120 / 60 mins.* $180 / 90 mins.*

Reflexology Massage

CLASSIC—This concentrated foot and hand massage uses pressure points to influence your overall well-being and balance your total body.

$110 / 60 mins. $165 / 90 mins.

Targeted Stress Relief Massage

PREMIER—Designed to target the areas where we carry stress. Special attention is paid to the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Pressure personalized for each guest

$120 / 60 mins. $180 / 90 mins.

Choice of
Invigorating Bubble Bath,
Colonial Sweet Bath,
or Sports Recovery Soak

In a private setting, step into one of our exceptional baths designed especially for you. Exquisite oils and specialty recipes are added for a perfect combination. Add a bath to any massage for a perfect way to relax.

$65 / 30 mins.

Couples Bath

Add this bath to a side-by-side treatment—available for you and a special someone in the beautiful setting of our Rose Garden Suite. Enjoy a deluxe soaking tub, private shower, restroom, and a spacious treatment area.

$85 / 30 mins.

*This is offered only as a one-hour massage, and a bath is not recommended. Not recommended in first trimester.