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Drummers Call

Salute to the Nation
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Open to Public
No Event Ticket Required
Come and GoFamily Friendly

Celebrate the traditions of 18th-century military music and explore the important roles played by fifers and drummers. Units from the United States and Canada join Colonial Williamsburg's Fifes and Drums to perform grand displays of period music. You'll want to respond to the Drummers Call--a call beaten by the duty fifer and drummer to mass the regimental musicians for the playing of ceremonies such as Reveille, Retreat, and Tattoo.

Drummers Call Events

May 15
7:30 PM
Successful Campaign
Join the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums to celebrate Drummers Call with a concert of traditional 18th-century field music. The senior Corps will share the stage with a featured guest unit for a lively, stirring performance.
May 16
12:00 PM
Grand March and Review
Experience a stirring display of 18th-century military music in this celebration of the annual Drummers Call. The Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums and fife and drum units from the United States and Canada will perform A Grand March from the Capitol building to Market Square, followed by the Grand Review behind the Courthouse.
May 16
8:30 PM
Williamsburg Military Tattoo
Originally a call to soldiers to return to the barracks before curfew, military tattoos became more general displays by army troops--even an entertainment. Join us for a thrilling torchlit march featuring the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums and guest units from the U.S. and Canada.
May 17
11:00 AM
To Arms
Watch as soldiers and field musicians--fifes and drums--from various military units active during the American Revolution demonstrate marching and firing.