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Garden Symposium
Home Grown: Turning Garden Treasures into Daily Pleasures

Colonial Williamsburg Garden
2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Open to Public
Advance Registration Required
Reservation RequiredAccessible

More and more people are appreciating the health-giving benefits of active gardening and of raising their own home-grown organic produce--from sweet scented herbs to succulent fruit and vegetables. American gardeners growing organic food and working with our hands produce treasures with value beyond personal needs. The results help support the growth of resilient communities that can better resist the pressures of modern life. Guest speakers and Colonial Williamsburg staff will share their expertise on the concept, design, maintenance, and pleasures of organic gardening and living lightly--from the ground up. Topics include brewing beer, fragrance, garden-to-table meals, herbs, heritage breeds, natural dyes, and more!

Cosponsored by the American Horticultural Society and Organic Gardening

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