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Homeschooler Experiences

Colonial Williamsburg Homeschool Experience
Great Hopes Plantation
RevQuest Sign of the Rhinoceros

Join Our Hands-on History Lesson

This fall, homeschoolers and their families can enjoy hands-on activities and revolutionary experiences designed to make colonial emotions and dramas come alive in a way that is educational and interactive. Plus, visits can be tailored to include on-site lodging, dining, 18th-century tavern meals and entertainment. Inspire the next generation of dreamers with a Colonial Williamsburg experience

Create your own itinerary anytime throughout the year, or join in on one of our special homeschooler weekends.

Colonial Williamsburg offers exclusive pricing year round for homeschool groups of all sizes in addition to a wide variety of books, DVDs, and teaching resources. For more information on Customized Guided Tours or to make reservations call 1-800-228-8878 or email

2015 Fall Homeschool Days

September 12–27, 2015
Bits and Bridles

Discover Colonial Williamsburg’s modern stable and Rare Breeds Program. Guests will have the opportunity to view facilities and vehicles as well as discuss animal treatment and training. Separate ticket and advance reservation required.

Life of a Soldier

Travel back in time to 1778 and enlist in the Virginia State Garrison Regiment. Meet your sergeant and receive your orders. Learn how to march and hold a musket. Watch demonstrations of loading and firing the cannon. Separate ticket and advance reservation required.

Farm Life: Crops, Animals, Threads & Guns

Explore 18th-century farm life, including three important skills: farming and raising livestock; spinning yarn, preparing wool; and hunting. Separate ticket and advance reservation required.

Dollhouses are some of the most popular miniature versions of the real world. Peek into the past when you visit this exhibit inside the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg. These magnificent toy sets give a detailed look at life in the 19th and 20th centuries. Approx. 1 hour. Included in museum admission.

Virginia and the new country are at grave risk in this seventh year of the War for Independence. Will Governor Jefferson’s network of secret agents help him gain the advantage to thwart Britain’s attack? Or is it checkmate for the Revolution?

2016 Homeschool Days

Spring: February 27–March 6, 2016
Fall: September 10–25, 2016

Check our calendar for more hands-on learning.

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    Customize your trip with tailored-to-you ticket options and hotel packages, and take advantage of our existing trip itineraries for inspiration.

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Upcoming Homeschooler Events

Feb 17
2:45 PM
Make & Take
Drop in to make a work of art inspired by an object in the folk art or decorative arts collections.
Feb 24
2:45 PM
Make & Take
Drop in to make a work of art inspired by an object in the folk art or decorative arts collections.

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