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Who Roams the Halls?

The Peyton Randolph House is called most haunted home on the eastern seaboard

October 13, 2015 BY Rachel West


Footsteps. Toys. Voices. All have been heard at the Peyton Randolph House in the dead of night when no one is supposed to be there. Who are the ghostly figures living in the historic house?

A lot of stories are floating around (pun intended) about ghostly inhabitants of the home. From children to adults and everyone in between, several people have died on the property. Stories of murder and accidents surround the home and it’s hard to say what is really true and what’s not.

What I am quite certain of is some kind of presence in the house. It’s not called the most haunted home on the eastern seaboard for nothing. Whenever I go inside I’m always glad it’s not during the witching hour. It’s spooky enough during the day.

Everyone has heard some rendition of a Colonial Williamsburg employee encountering something in the home. One story includes a security guard checking on the home at night well after closing time. He entered the home and shut and locked the door behind him, as protocol. While he was in the home, he heard footsteps upstairs. He called out, but heard no reply.

Many guests have taken pictures and swear they spot a figure in a window. Recently a visitor, Catherine Horne, sent me photos of the home. She and her partner were visiting the States in August and stopped in Williamsburg. “This may seem very strange, but as I was looking through our vacation photos a couple of days ago I noticed something odd in a burst of five photos I had taken near the Peyton Randolph house,” Catherine said. “In the bottom left window there is what appears to be a little ghostly face staring out of the bottom window pane.”

Do you see it? How about now?

What Catherine didn’t know was this is a very common occurrence among visitors. When I assured her she wasn’t alone, she was relieved.

Do you have any stories of your own from your experiences in the house? If you don’t have any yet, you can experience Haunted Williamsburg, and go INSIDE haunted 18th-century buildings, unlike any other ghost tour that may come through our public streets.