Colonial Williamsburg militia at drill

The Revolutionary City

Become a Part of Our Community at War

Meet the townspeople, tradespeople, shopkeepers, political figures, women, and the enslaved who call Williamsburg home—and learn of their hopes, struggles, and fears in these uncertain times. As you explore the challenges of daily life set against the backdrop of revolution, look for the many opportunities to play your role as a citizen of the Revolutionary City.

Please note that Colonial Williamsburg will be on a reduced program schedule from January 3-27, 2017.

  • Experience 1775 and the Beginning of the Revolution

    Take part as American colonists make the life-altering choice of whether to remain loyal to the British king or to fight for a free and independent nation. Join an angry mob as it storms the Governor’s Palace to demand the return of the colony’s gunpowder.

  • Discover the Daily Challenges and Sacrifices

    Find out what it was like to live in a town in the midst of revolution. What were the challenges of creating a new government against the backdrop of war? Which side would you take? Take part in the events and everyday life of Williamsburg, and meet famous patriots as well as lesser-known heroes.

  • Engage in Battle in the Years 1776–1781

    Get caught up in the stories of struggle and hardship. Witness the arrival of news of the Declaration of Independence and join the debate over the meaning of “All men are created equal.” Be there as Benedict Arnold occupies the town and imposes martial law on its people.

  • Prepare to March to Victory and Independence

    Join the troops as they muster to march to Yorktown and prepare for what they are certain will be a victory to guarantee American Independence.

  • Children Experience 18th-century games

    Find Revolutionary Fun for Kids

    Young patriots will find many special opportunities to explore and engage with the Revolutionary City and its residents. Join the army and learn about the life of a soldier at the military encampment. Play colonial games at the Benjamin Powell House and get a glimpse of daily life from a child’s perspective.

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Featured Featured Exhibits

Armoury Blacksmiths and Visitors

Witness the blacksmiths and armorers hard at work as they shape iron and steel into the tools, hardware, and weapons needed to fight a Revolution.

Colonial Williamsburg Governor's Palace

Enter the years immediately before the Revolution and experience the grandeur of royal government in Virginia just before its collapse.

R. Charlton Coffeehouse

Step back into 1766 with an inside glimpse into the fashionable world of the coffeehouse, where you may sample coffee, tea, or velvety chocolate.

The Capitol

Step into the tumultuous year of 1776 as you explore the Capitol building of Virginia and learn of the colony’s contributions to the American Revolution.