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The Palmer House Project


Why a Designer in Residence?

Since its 1926 founding, Colonial Williamsburg has been a leader in promoting and educating about 18th-century architecture and decoration. The years that Williamsburg was the capital of Virginia —1699 to 1780— are considered a golden age of design. This was the era of Great Britain’s revival of classical architecture, reflected in houses and grand public buildings in the capital of its largest and wealthiest North American colony. The Designer in Residence program aims to bring new life to select historical properties within Colonial Williamsburg, allowing the United States’ largest living-history museum to continue inspiring new generations with the best of American architecture and design.




Anthony Baratta has decorated the Palmer House in a dramatic scheme of bold Americana for which he is recognized. He is excited to share his enthusiasm for Georgian architecture and 18th-century furnishings alongside the best of contemporary design with a new generation of designers, students of interior decoration, and all who enjoy creating an inviting home.



“It’s all here – scale and proportion, fearless use of color, bold mix and match patterns and craftsmanship. All in a time capsule of American history and design.”

-Anthony Baratta about Colonial Williamsburg

Sneak peeks into the project


The partnership between Colonial Williamsburg and Baratta was born of Baratta’s love of Americana and history. Like many, he visited the museum during childhood and throughout his career; Williamsburg is where his admiration for American architecture and design was formed.



Baratta has mixed antiques and art from his personal collection with WILLIAMSBURG products and reproductions from the Colonial Williamsburg collection. He has also added whimsical folk art pieces, blending trend and tradition in a livable way.

Favorite thing about designing with vintage or antique pieces?

”Vintage pieces instantly add a sense of quality and originality. They tell a story.”

Courtesy Decaso: A Decorative Arts Society.



Baratta’s color scheme for the Palmer House is dramatic and unexpected. In each room, colors from Benjamin Moore’s WILLIAMSBURG® Paint Color Collection play a starring role.

Favorite way to add drama to a room?

“Color is everything! It’s all about color.”

Favorite paint color?

“Ambler Slate by Benjamin Moore for Colonial Williamsburg”

Courtesy Decaso: A Decorative Arts Society.