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Haunting on DoG Street

October 15-31, 2017

Join us from October 15 through October 31 as we celebrate the Halloween season with new evening programs, ghost tours, spooky carriage rides, museum talks, and special events.

The Haunting on DoG Street programing is presented in partnership with Mars Wrigley Confectionery and AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate.

Named one of the "11 Top Places to Celebrate Halloween Across the U.S." by U.S. News and World Report


Special Programs

The Magical American Revolutionary Society

The Secret History

Magical American Revolutionary Society

A long-lost manuscript has been discovered in a musty attic. Its contents, as related in this little book, The Magical American Revolutionary Society, The Secret History, tell of C. Thaddeus Forrest, a mysterious figure who in 1775 invited the youth of Revolutionary Williamsburg to join a secret society. The story is filled with traitors and spies and maybe even magic and will delight fans of fantasy and historical fiction ... and anyone who loves to trick or treat.



Spooky Carriage Rides

By the flickering light of Jack O’ Lanterns, passengers hear the story of Jack and other haunting tales of the season as their carriage or ox cart travels along Duke of Gloucester Street. Look for our special carriage rides on the Blue Carriage, Carter Coach, Stage Wagon.


Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg


Face Your Fears

Open October 1-31, 2017

Face Your Fears

Many people have a fear of something. Even George Washington! (We can’t reveal it here, you will have to come and find out). During the month of October, visit the museums and, if you are not triskaidekaphobic, discover 13 common and not so common phobias represented by objects rarely exhibited. Throughout the museums you will encounter specially draped cases that dare you to lift the cover and face what lies inside. Will it be your fear?

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